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21 days challenge

21 days transformation challenge

All levels

Promising to change our athletes’ bad habits in only 21 calendar days. This Program will help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, get you fit and in shape! 

It is for those who are struggling with fat loss, Weight plateau, and low energy levels.

This Program includes a tailored workout program along with a customized nutrition plan that will further aid you weight-loss, making your transformation faster and more efficient. 



Ladies only program

A 4 week -ladies only- Fitness & Yoga program, designed to help ladies and mothers lead a healthy lifestyle, and for new mothers to get fit and strong both physically and mentally.

It also aims to engage the ladies in a fun and active community, where they enjoy their one hour training and recharge their energy to go through the week.


Each module/category in the program represents a unique phase of our lives.


Regular Module.

Prenatal Module.

Postpartum Module.


Build Plus

all levels

A -5 week- transformation program that focuses on building a leaner and a stronger body that moves pain-free through multi-joint lifts performed with good form under the watchful eyes of our coaches.

With BUILD+ you get to challenge your body and push your limits 5 Days a week with a professionally designed training program along with a strict nutrition and supplementation plan.

build plus

Fast track


A 4-week game-changer in the fitness community! A program made to focus on your body shape and performance transformation through muscle gains, shredding fats, improving your skills and achieving new milestones and PRs.

This Program is all about mental toughness (Intermediate to advanced athletes) as training may reach up to 10 hours a week.

You want to be a competitor? This Program is for you.

fast track
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