HIT Max is for athletes interested in mastering the more complex and advanced movements that are used in the competitive field of fitness. It is an advanced 60-90 minute session, that is constantly varied, competitive and functional movements are performed at high intensity. We master the movements of gymnastics, practice and train major lifts, and we bike, row and run fast!


HIT performance

This program combines all 3 elements of CrossFit, from weightlifting to gymnastics to cardiovascular exercises. It is built to forge athletes into changing their lifestyle to an athletic one. The athletes practice all basic techniques of weightlifting, gymnastics, besides enjoying high intensity workouts allowing them to become well-rounded athletes.



A program targeting starting athletes, those who want to lose weight and tone. The workouts are designed carefully to elongate their breaths, and build up on their fitness, to gradually get them into shape, and allow them to gradually move into higher fitness level easily.



A 45-minute session that is focused only on your core muscles. The abs consists of four distinct muscle groups, so we can’t neglect any of them. They require specific exercises, and like all muscle groups, they adapt when they are constantly challenged and put under different stress situations. We will get your there!


A 60-minute high intensity training session. It is a form of high intensity interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense exercises with less intense recovery periods, for the whole session. 

You come in, warm up, and we won’t stop training afterwards!

This is a workout that is suitable for all levels, an elevated heart rate session, with no skills required, only a strong heart and mind.



The program is for those who want to lift weights, get stronger and look leaner; it’s a is functional body-building program that will work on different muscle groups across the week, leaving you with the same feeling at the global gym. We work muscles in a functional way that will aid your physique and your performance in different aspects of sport.



A 4 week -ladies only- Fitness & Yoga program, designed to help ladies and mothers lead a healthy lifestyle, and for new mothers to get fit and strong both physically and mentally.

It also aims to engage the ladies in a fun and active community, where they enjoy their one hour training and recharge their energy to go through the week.


Each module/category in the program represents a unique phase of our lives.


Regular Module.

Prenatal Module.

Postpartum Module.



We care about the health of the community and the safety of our children, Fit Kids and Fit Teens are sessions that will help keep your children fit and teach them young.

The Program is designed to help young athletes move well, have better body awareness, get stronger in their sport, educate them and get them engaged in a healthier community and a healthier lifestyle.



21 days transformation challenge

Promising to change our athletes’ bad habits in only 21 calendar days. This Program will help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, get you fit and in shape! 

It is for those who are struggling with fat loss, Weight plateau, and low energy levels.

This Program includes a tailored workout program along with a customized nutrition plan that will further aid you weight-loss, making your transformation faster and more efficient. 


fast track

A 4-week game-changer in the fitness community! A program made to focus on your body shape and performance transformation through muscle gains, shredding fats, improving your skills and achieving new milestones and PRs.

This Program is all about mental toughness (Intermediate to advanced athletes) as training may reach up to 10 hours a week.

You want to be a competitor? This Program is for you.