Welcome to the 21 days transformation challenge!

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How a shift in perspective could help you have your healthiest year yet. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so tag along and let's start this season on the right track with our upcoming 21-day Transformation Program that is specifically designed for weight-loss to achieve a better yet healthier lifestyle with our highly skilled team of certified coaches that will guide you on how to achieve your goals, overcome your weaknesses and conquer the floor.

If you’re struggling with fat loss, weight plateau, or just want to improve your energy levels and develop healthier habits, this one’s for you!  This season comes with a twist! With more challenging exercises & An emphasis on proper nutrition to meet all of your needs for the most adequate results throughout the 21 Days of training.


Our main aim at HIT Egypt is to build a clan, A community of people sharing our same passion; The passion for health, Fitness & improving the overall life quality. We created this 21-day transformation program as a unique opportunity to get more people hooked on that same passion, to get them out of their comfort zone, transform their bodies, mindset, lifestyle and keep our CLAN growing. 21 is your chance to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, alter your habits & get you in shape in only 21 days!


- 3 mandatory clinic sessions for assessment

- 21 Days of Training 5 days/week

- A customized nutrition plan to ensure optimum results

- 2 Nutrition webinars

- 2 InBody measurements before & after the program to track your progress 

- 24/7 Access to our coaches via WhatsApp group chat & Community support.


(To be announced)

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