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No Fad Diets, or starvation.

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Head of nutrition

  • Fine arts graduate, Former Tennis player, 500 Hour Certified Yoga teacher, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Level1 Crossfit Coach.

  • Years of Experience: 6

Schedule: Upon Client request + Online Consultations.


From an obese teenager with so many emotional issues, to a well balanced nutrition specialist whose aim is to change people's lives the way she changed hers.

My journey has not been easy on any level. 

I have done everything the hard way, until I was able to reach a mental state where hard is not even a thing anymore!

And this is how I like to communicate with my clients, show them and prove to them that changing their lives does not have to be hard or complicated.

Sometimes all we need is a mentor and someone who understands our struggles! And this is something I wish I've had at the beginning of my journey!

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Rana magdy

  • Nutrition Specialist at Bloom Diet experts, AUC,ESS.

  • Assistant Lecturer at MIU, MSc degree of clinical pharmacology, 
    Presenter of “Doctor_healthy” (nutrition awareness TV program)

  •  Years of experience : 4 years 

  • Schedule : Wednesdays 4-7 pm at El Shorouk venue/Fridays 12-3 pm at Concord Plaza venue

  • Online consultations available. 

My journey with Nutrition started 4 years ago when I was studying at The American University of Cairo. Right after I finished my Masters degree.

I believe that all health problems start from the gut. What we eat affects our whole life and performance. I also believe that a healthy lifestyle can be very enjoyable! I always make sure to create a meal plan that goes around my client's lifestyle!



  • Communications and Electronics Engineer, Precision Nutrition-L1 Certified Coach, Functional Bodybuilding 101 Coach, EPI phase 1 & 2 Certified Coach.

  • Years of Experience: 3

Schedule: Monday & Thursday from 6pm-9pm at Sun City branch.

My journey with Fitness and working out started as a Teenager, as I was part of a local Swimming team in Asyut, my hometown. After moving to Cairo for college, I joined various gyms before settling with CrossFit at HITEgypt in 2016. Since then, I have done Precision Nutrition L1 , Functional Bodybuilding 101 & EPI phase 1&2 to further my understanding of healthy lifestyles. I believe in balanced diets that help people change bad eating habits and set up a healthy lifestyle without feeling restricted.

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  • Nutrition coach, Crossfit athlete, Former Handball athlete, kite surfer.

  • BSc, PN L1

  • Years of experience: 2

Schedule: Monday at Concord Plaza branch 6-9 pm.

Tuesday at Sun City branch 6-9 pm.

I started my crossfit journey in 2014, after 16 years of professionally playing Handball. This has taught me a lot on how our bodies work, which eating habits make my body perform better and which ones cause me to just lose it and not be able to move well at all. This is when I decided to take it one step further and start studying and learning more about Nutrition. I fell in love with the Precision Nutrition method as I could relate to it in my daily life, which was all about balance. After I completed my PN-L1 certificate, and started to see a huge progress on my first client, I became addicted to helping people.
I'm always ready to help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself without having to compromise your routine and the food you love!

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