WHO we are

HIT Egypt is a well established Fitness entity since 2014. We serve a wide variety Of Athletic programs, for different levels, different ages,  and different goals.

HIT is piloted from Heliopolis Sporting Club, Cairo, Egypt, with plans to expand worldwide.

Now we offer you Seven highly equipped venues, around Cairo, and the North Coast.

We believe that a healthy Lifestyle is not, and should not be a phase, instead, a Journey that everyone should go through and have it facilitated for them to embrace.



  • Group sessions divided into:

    • Fitness/ beginner program, 

    • Perform/ Intermediate program, 

    • HitMax/ Advanced program, 

    • HIT60/ All level High Intensity Training Program, 

    • Build/ All level Strength & Functional bodybuilding program, 

    • Weightlifting/ All Level Olympic WeightLifting Program, 

    • Gymnastics/ All level Gymnastic Skills Training Program, 

    • Core/ All Level Core & Abs based program, 

    • FabFit/ All level Ladies only Program, 

    • TeensFit/ All level Teenage Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Personal Training, 

  • One-on-One Online training, 

  • Customized Nutrition programs, 

  • Yoga, 

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • and many more!



We are dedicated to helping our athletes reach their full potential in Fitness.

No matter what their goals are, we are Committed to their Success, making sure they learn, apply and stay motivated throughout their Journey.

 Our Team is Very precious to us, As it was chosen carefully and for a reason.

All of our coaches are Certified, Experienced, And come from a solid Fitness Background. With motivational, inspiring and supportive personalities.

Adding to that, Our well established community, where everyone can fit in, and feel like home.