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Your easy guide towards working on your weakness whenever and wherever!

How it works:

1. Chose your Program.

2. Buy Your Program.

3. Start Instantly. 

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8 week strength program focused on the basic lifts like (Squats/Dead-lifts/Bench press) + Olympic lifts like (Cleans and snatches) + Accessories to fix any imbalance and work on movement efficiency.

The program is for those who want to increase their overall strength and don't know where to start and how to keep going. Building a solid level of core strength in these slow lifts will undoubtedly help set you up for a strong foundation in any other sport or activity you may look to compete in. the program is science based and proven across different athletes who have been working with us over years now and only getting better! in this program you will get the chance to work on your own pace and with your own schedule! 

For who? Athletes whom are aware of the basic fundamental movements.
Whats included?
-Feedback from your coaching team
-5 training sessions/week 
-Demo videos and movement analysis 

-Post results, receive feedback and track progress through (TRUE-COACH APP)
Price: 950 EGP

the lifter

8 week program focusing on building the required strength for getting your first pull up and handstand push up or increasing the volume and endurance of your pulling and pushing gymnastic strength.

The program is 4 days of work, weekly, and could be supplementary along with your own on-going program tome commitment typically 30-40 minutes.
For who? beginner to Intermediate level in Gymnastics.
What's included?
-Feedback from our Gymnastics experts 
-Demo videos and movement analysis 
-4 sessions/week (done on your own time)

-Post results, receive feedback and track progress through 


Time commitment: 30-40 mins
Equipment needed:
Pull up bar
Gymnastics rings

Resistance Band 
Price: 950 EGP 

 HIT gymnast2.jpg
the gymnast

we see different athletes lacking some serious aerobic qualities that tend to give them better performance, better recovery and most importantly more confidence!!
This program is 6 weeks with 5 sessions/week that could be done alone or supplementary to your ongoing program. If you are the person panicking from 15 minute + workouts, or the one who fails short burst workouts like (Fran or Grace) this one is for you! We will work on different machines like (BIKE/ROW/RUN) or we will use some light-minimal equipment, that every Gym has!

For who? All levels.
What's included?
- 3 sessions/week (done on your own time).
-Coach support to ensure guidance throughout the journey.

-Post results, receive feedback and track progress through (TRUE-COACH APP)

Price: 950 EGP

the machine

A small brief on your ABS MUSCLES:

They consist of four distinct muscle groups whose scientific names are:

 1-Rectus abdominis

2- External Obliques

3- Internal Obliques

4-Transversus abdominis 

We can’t neglect any of the 4 muscle groups. As each of them require specific exercises and like all muscle groups they adapt. Unless they are constantly challenged and put under different stress situations.

I.e: Different rep scheme /Exercise mix and load. 

What's included?

- 21 days of abs workouts

- 2 day bonus (if you still can push more)

- Coach Follow up

-Post results, receive feedback and track progress through (TRUE-COACH APP)

For who? All levels


* Performing this program a minimum of three days per week will be plenty.

Price: 950 EGP

abs of steel

This program is designed for individuals who are willing to take their home workouts to the next level. Program duration is 25 days divided into 3 days of workout and 1 day of rest. The program requires at least one owned Kettle-bell or Dumbbell. It would also be great to have access to two of the same weight in case of kettle-bells or dumbbells. 

The Program is designed to: 

1) Keep you excited everyday as workouts change daily. 

2) Fix your imbalances 

*For Who? Intermediate to Advanced Athletes.

What's Included?

- 25 days of workouts

- Demo videos

-Post results, receive feedback and track progress through (TRUE-COACH APP)

Price: 950 EEGP

25 days
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