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Abdelrahman Alaa (Cavio)

Founder & CEO


Personal Trainer/Online trainer

  • Founder of HIT Egypt

  • Pharmacist

  • Ex Football Player

  • Top 5 Fittest in Egypt 2017-2021

  • Crossfit Team Regional athlete 2018

  • Crossfit Regional athlete 2021

  • Certificates: Opex CCP L1, Crossfit L2, CF Mobility, CF Powerlifting, Exos Performance Specialist, MA Strength L1, PN Nutrition, First Aid & CPR

  • Coaching experience: 8 years

The message behind HITEgypt is bringing quality fitness to the market. We strive daily to make sure our athletes are moving well. We educate them about their health And how Fitness can help them live longer and better. Live life independently and move pain free.
The idea is to get people to a place where they can achieve more, and gain self confidence. Get people to a place where they feel seen and welcomed, a place they can call home, a community they can call family, and most importantly a place where they become better people.


Gym Manager/ SunCity



Personal Trainer

  • Ex Football player

  • Certificates: Exos Performance Specialist, EPI Strength & Conditioning phase1, INSEP L1, MA Strength L1, Opex Athlete Camp, First Aid & CPR

  • Coaching experience: 5 years

As an Ex-professional Footballer, playing for various top class teams, I have always been passionate about Fitness and how effective it is on health and performance. Moreover I explored more into the nutrition world which made me believe much more in the power of optimizing healthy nutrition. Being a full time coach i always believed everyone needs a push in a certain area in life to keep them going. I always use this motto “ Dreams don’t work unless you do”.


Gym Manager/ Concord Plaza



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: Exos Fitness, Sports Mental Coaching, EPI Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit Anatomy

  • Coaching experience: 6 Years

Started my coaching career in 2015 and never expected to have all that passion towards this Career. 

Coaching almost more than 80 hours every week just to hear the word thank you, you changed my life.




Personal Trainer/Online Trainer/Yoga Teacher/Head of Nutrition 

  • Former Tennis Player 

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1, MA Strength L1, Opex Athlete Camp, First Aid & CPR, RYT 500 Yoga Alliance, ISSA Fitness Nutrition, PN nutrition (in the making)

  • Coaching experience: 6 years

For me, Coaching is a career with endless opportunities and has no end point.

I see it as not only teaching people how to move, but more of showing people their true potentials and helping them break free from all their self limitations and judgments.

Passion + Knowledge + Authenticity + Good Vision, are four things every coach should have. Without each, They will never experience the true meaning of coaching.

Moataz badr


Gym Manager/ Katameya Residence



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: Opex CCP Total Coach-, M|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist, -“Egypt’s First Mobility|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist”, -RPR “ reflexive performance reset” Egypt’s First Certified Specialist ,-Crossfit Weightlifting Coach, Crossfit Anatomy, Crossfit Scaling,- Vertimax master trainer ,-CSCS in progress  ,-ELFIT Egypt Assistant Technical director

  • Coaching Experience: 5 years

Providing fitness is my ultimate passion. I give it my all focus. I am a civil engineering graduate, Came from obesity to Pursuing fitness as a full time career.  
Coached over 15,000 thousands hours on ground and helped over 150 athletes remotely reach their goals. I always aim to engage with athletes whatever their age, ability or individual motivation. To Always build confidence and empower them to realize the potential they have. Educating teaching and aspire athletes to get to the fittest state.

Ahmed diaa



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Ex- Judo Player

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1

  • Coaching experience: 6 years


maram selim

Gym Manager/Heliopolis Club




  • A professional Tennis Athlete

  • Certificates: Exos performance specialist, Crossfit L1,CrossFit scaling

  • Coaching Experience: 2 years

Sharing my knowledge and transforming my passion towards fitness has always reflected on my coaching. I always make sure to give my 100% effort. 

I am known to be the motivator, the hyperactive coach that you’ll never lose a rep or miss a workout when around the session. I love to engage with athletes, share memories and even make their workouts memorable ones!

Ahmed nassar




  • A former Diving Competitor 

  • An Egyptian Diving Champion

  • A Former member of the Egyptian Diving team  

  • Coaching experience: 8 years

  • + 20 years of competing 

My main purpose through coaching is teaching my athletes how to be more flexible and faster. How to endure more, and gain strength.

As this is what will help you move freely in your daily life.




Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1

  • Coaching Experience: 3 years.

With changing goals of training, the only constant thing is a good form. My methodology is repeatability and seeking perfection in every movement, which is the key to everyday improvement.

nada sameh



Personal Trainer 

  • Gold Medal, Weightlifting Nationals 2017

  • Crossfit Team Regional Athlete 2018

  • Coaching experience: 4.5 Years

I started this journey when I was 19 years old. I only played basketball as a kid and always struggled with being overweight.

Weightlifting and Crossfit is my absolute passion, they changed my Life!

Seeing people progressing and being the best versions of themselves is what drives me the most to give more than 100%, it's my pleasure to be part of your journey of discovering yourself as I did.

mohamed nosseir



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • 4 Years experience in coaching Performance and Fitness programs.

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1 & Exos fitness.

An engineer who ended up doing completely different things, which are supply chain and fitness.
I hate it when someone doubts themselves, I truly believe in the process and your endless potentials.

I am the Coach who will definitely commit to your goals alongside you! 

hana shawkat



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: EPI Strength & Conditioning Phase 1&2, Exos Fitness Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition L1

  • Coaching Experience: 3 Years

I am a Finance and Innovation graduate. I was really lost a couple of years ago,  not knowing what to do next in my life.

But then I joined the HIT Clan as an athlete first. And After two long years, I finally started my coaching journey. And ever since, Coaching has become the best part of my day.

Nothing is impossible to achieve! It's all in your head! you just have to work hard for it sometimes very hard in order to see results. If you’re passionate about something don’t ever give up on it!



WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 6.32.25 PM.

  • Certificates: Crossfit Level 1, Exos Fitness Specialist (in the making)

  • Coaching experience: 3 years

A certified Diver, and an 8 year Basketball player.

I have been a Crossfit addict since 2015. Since then a new chapter started and Fitness filled my life with passion.

mohamed hamdy



Concord Plaza

  • A Former Tennis Athlete

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1

  • Coaching experience: 18 months

I am a competitor to my core and I hate losing at anything. 

I am passionate about helping people challenge themselves and reach their goals. 

"Work hard, be kind and trust the process. You will break so many barriers more than you think."


Gym Manager/El Sherouk



Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: AFPT Diploma

  • Coaching experience: 2 years

I am passionate about making people achieve their goals, whether it's life goal related or training. 

“You can never fake passion.” If you’re not passionate enough in the sports lifestyle, then don’t be a coach. 

Nadine Maged


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-12 at 12.04.52 (1).jpeg

Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: Exos Fitness Specialist

  • Coaching experience: 1 year

As a Fitness Coach and Designer, I aim to shape people’s day to day experiences and help them make the best out of the world we live in. When you break it down, Fitness and Design really come down to the same elements: Form, Function and Aesthetics. That’s what I focus on.




Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: EPI Strength & Conditioning, Exos Fitness Specialist

  • Coaching experience: 6 months

I am a product designer and a Crossfit athlete. My Athletic life was a roller coaster between different types of sports. Until I joined the HIT Clan and it finally became a lifestyle. I am eager to learn more through people with different lifestyles, and leave a positive impact on their life journeys.

Aly Megahed


WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 1.40.28 PM.

Personal Trainer

  • Ex-national basketball team player

  • 2016 Gold Medal Collage League 

  • 2014 Bronze Medal National League

  • 2012 Silver Medal National League 

  • Certificates: Opex Athlete Camp.

  • Coaching experience: 2 years

I am an Electrical Sales Engineer at Caterpillar and a passionate Crossfit athlete.

"Winning is getting up one more time than being knocked down"

Ahmed El Demerdash



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1, Crossfit Scaling, First Aid & CPR,  ACE Sports Nutrition Specialist, OPEX PPD (Student)

  • Coaching experience: 3 years

  • Fencing National Team (2004-2009)
    Crossfit athlete since 2015 

A Communication Engineer who found his passion to change people's lives on field. 
After thousands of hours coaching, I realized that everything starts from within. YOU set your goals, I'll help you reach them!

Aya El Shantoury



Personal Trainer

  • Exos Performance specialist (to be)

  • Crossfit Athlete

  • Coaching experience: 6 months

I learnt so much about myself through my journey at HIT, which I believe has only yet started. I grew fond of coaching people when I saw how being coached myself fixed a lot into my being, physically and mentally. Coaching for me is diving into your client’s life patterns, weaklings and stronglings. Taking it from there, you watch your client grow, and beauty is that this growth is not only measured physically, it transforms into every other aspect of their life patterns. It’s beyond satisfactory to witness your client evolve having you walking by their side. And when they can finally take their own route and lead their journey, you’d watch them grow further with pride and serve them humbly if they ever come back for guidance. Coaching is not just within the gym boundaries, it’s a whole realm of its own.




Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: Exos Fitness Specialist

  • Coaching Experience: 1 year

I started my journey 6 years ago as a lazy overweight individual who just wanted to lose the extra weight. Never thought that it would turn out to be my life time passion. I’ve went through it all so I can passionately guide you through your journey too. Whether your goal is to lose the extra weight, tone your body, get fit, or be competitive, I will patiently guide you through each step. I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind and hard work towards it. Let’s do this together!

shehab zakareia



Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

  • Certificates: Precision Nutrition L1, EPI Phases 1&2, Functional Bodybuilding 101

  • Coaching experience: 2 years 

Fitness and healthy lifestyle have been integral parts of my life for years. I knew I should pursue a career in fitness coaching when I felt the satisfaction and happiness of assisting others who shared the same gym floor with certain moves/postures/scaling. Indeed, coaching allows me to help people reach their goals but it also challenges me to grow, learn and educate myself all the time to cater to the different athletes in my sessions.

Farah El Atreby


WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 1.40.28 PM

Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: AFPT Personal Training Certificate

  • Coaching experience: 1 year

"It’s just YOU against YOU."

Nour AlMassry



Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: OPEX CCP Level 1 (in progress), IFPA CFT, ACE Functional Training Specialist

  • Coaching experience: 3 years as a Football Coach, and 9 months as a Fitness Coach

As a coach, my goal is to help people live a larger life through health and Fitness.
I believe that this can change people's lives not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I believe that consistency is the key to great things, so trust the process, believe in yourself, be patient, and great things will happen.
   I’m here to help you take your Fitness journey to the next level.




Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: Exos performance specialist, NCSC (in progress) 

  • Coaching Experience: 1 year

I’m a goal oriented person, whatever my goal is, I will work hard towards it, achieve it and set my eyes on something new and get it done.

For me there is no impossible.

Seif Helmy


WhatsApp Image 2021-11-17 at 11.45_edited.jpg

Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1/CFT-ISSA/CPR 

  • Ex football player

  • Coaching experience: 3 years

For me fitness is not just a job or a career, it’s changing people’s lives to the better, and being part of their journeys.




Personal Trainer

  • Certificates: EPI NCSC, Program to win

  • Coaching experience: 4 years

A crossfit athlete for 7 years now. A trainer who is specialized in Gymnastics and Strength training.

Gained a lot of experience during my journey in Crossfit, and i am eager to push everyone to their full potential.

"Strive for progress not perfection"

Ahmed mahmoud (batoot)



Personal Trainer

  • Ex-Calisthenics Athlete

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1, ISSA certified fitness trainer, AFPT Personal training Diploma, First Aid & CPR, Exos performance specialist (to be) 

  • Coaching experience: 9 months

I owe it all to sports and luckily I am here turning my passion into a profession. Changing people’s lives has become a must in my life. In my opinion Training doesn’t change your fitness, It changes your lifestyle. Simply, Your legacy must be in people.

karim el maghraby



Personal Trainer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Ex Basketball player

  • Certificates: EPI Strength and Conditioning Phase 1, First Aid & amp; CPR,
    CrossFit L1.

  • Coaching Experience: 2 years

I am a hard worker, a competitor and an achiever. When I face a challenge, I become filled with excitement to conquer it. Helping people reach their goals and face their challenges is my passion. It’s also a great honor to have a person who trusts you with their goal! This honor is what makes me give my athletes more than 100% everyday.
“Trust the process”

Omar Allam


IMG_0711 (1)_edited.jpg

Personal Trainer / Online Trainer

  • Former Professional Waterpolo Player

  • Certificates: Crossfit L1, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR & AED, Precision Nutrition (in progress) 

  • Coaching experience: 1 Year

An Aerospace Engineer who dreamt of being 'The Olympian Astronaut'. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to pursue 'the next step' or be held responsible for 'the next big thing'. I believe that my passion for knowledge equips me with the resources required to achieve that goal.

Let's chase your dreams & Unleash your potential.

Miran Harfoush



Group session trainer/Personal Trainer/Online Trainer

  • Certificates: CrossFit Level 1, ISSA Strength and Conditioning, First Aid & CPR

  • Coaching Experience: 2 Years

I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for fitness and sports 4 years ago as an athlete in one of Hit’s facilities. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed working out and discovered my love for competing. Since then, I have become a competitive athlete and have been part of the AUC’s Rowing and CrossFit teams. Two years ago, I decided that it was time to help other people who struggle with consistency and need to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through sports, so I started investing in my coaching career. 


I am a firm believer that your why is your greatest motivator and that fitness is for all no matter the age, capabilities, or any other factor that could stop a person from leading a healthier life not just for themselves, but for their loved ones as well.

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