"Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Strong."

"Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Strong."
That's our motto.
Body Works Studio was first established in 1999 in Cairo, Egypt. Founders, Amal and Amani Hafez recognized a market demand for health and fitness studios, specifically dedicated to a ladies only concept, and decided to embark on the Body Works Studio journey together.
Body Works Studio first opened its doors with one studio space and in two years expanded to a bigger facility with two studios offering a wider variety of classes.  As their clients continued to grow, Body Works Studio once again expanded to a bigger facility having the biggest studio in Cairo, hosting up to 50 persons per class. The studio also had two smaller studios for spinning, mind & body classes and kid’s fitness and ballet. The bigger space made room for a small café serving fresh juices, green smoothies and freshly baked healthy snacks.

Body Works Studio is a class based studio that offers various types of classes catering to all levels of fitness. Together, Amal and Amani created their own brand and style of classes such as Firm Bodies, Body Burn, Power Pilates, Firm Pilates, Ride-On and many more. All of Body Works classes are taught by internationally certified instructors with an emphasis on quality, safety and results.  
In 2007 Amal and Amani also started their Ballet Academy which had been growing tremendously and has catered to more than 1000 ballerinas of all ages.
Body Works Studio hosted various health and fitness related workshops:
• The Lindafit Pilates Certification (from NY, USA).
• Lindafit advanced mat Pilates continuing education workshop.
• Lindafit magic circle Pilates continuing education workshop.
• Lindafit mini ball Pilates continuing education workshop.
• Instructor training by Les Mills for Body Pump and Body Attack.
• Zumba training workshops.
• CPR and first aid certifications by the American Red Cross.
• In-house instructor training every three months. 

Body Works has also hosted retreats
• Health & Fitness retreats in Soma Bay, Hurghada for the past 7 years, with an average of 50 ladies.
• Mind & Body Retreats in Matarma Bay, Ras Sudr for the past 2 years, with an average of 35 ladies.
Amani Hafez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo. Her fitness journey began in 1987 with a compilation of certifications in the fitness field:
• AFAA certification (The American Fitness Aerobic Association).
• ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification as a Group Fitness Instructor.
• Mad Dogg Spinning certification.
• Stotts Pilates Matwork Instructor (IMP).
• Air Pilates by Circus Fit, England.
Amani continues to educate herself by attending international fitness conventions to bring the latest to their clients. She is now a Certified Master Trainer by the Lindafit Pilates Matwork institute and certifies instructors with this international qualification. She has certified 29 qualified mat Pilates instructors in the past two years.
 Amal Hafez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the American university in Cairo. She also holds a number of fitness certifications:
• ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification as a Group Fitness Instructor.
• ISSA personal trainer certification.
• Mad Dogg Athletics certification for kids spinning classes

 Body Works offers a variety of classes that will allow you to lead a functional and healthy lifestyle .
We offer choreographed cardiovascular workouts that challenge not only your muscle power, but also your brain power through coordination. These types of classes vary in styles. Our Body Burn is a 40 minute hi/low impact workout for anyone who wants to sweat mindfully. Coordination and memory are challenged to make your workout more fun. Our Cardio kickboxing is a workout not to be missed. As the name suggests, it’s derived from kickboxing, but without the impact of punching into mitts. Thus is a great workout for your overall health. It allows you to let out  a lot of steam and so much power through your kicks & punches. Our STEP classes are another favorite among the Body Works crowd. Our choreography is usually dance based, yet simple for everyone to follow. If you’re looking for a lower body workout then this is the one for you!
 -     Our toning variety of classes are 
based on giving you the most results for strengthening your muscles based on the areas specified for the class. One of our most popular is our Firm Bodies, which uses free weights and focuses on muscle strength and endurance. This class is our ABC to being able to go about your day without feeling any aches or pains. Another favorite is the ABT(abs, bums & thighs) class. As the name suggests, we use many tools to target these areas in specific. Our Toned Bodies class is also about muscle strength & endurance with a twist. In this class our focus is to exhaust the muscle before allowing it to rest & recover, then we move on to the next group of exercises that will challenge a different set of muscles.
our mind & body classes are divided into two categories PILATES & YOGA. Due to the fact that one of the sisters is a master trainer in LINDAFIT MAT PILATES and we offer the certification in Body Works, our variety in Pilates is quite a big range. JUST PILATES caters for the baby steps of learning all the details about the breathing technique, the precision of the movement & gaining body awareness. POWER PILATES focuses on balance & mobility. You are taught to move certain parts of your body as you complete & consciously stabilize the rest. The FIRM PILATES class uses one kilo weighted balls to challenge your strength through added resistance while trying to balance and stabilize your movements. A favorite among the clients is our PILATES BALL. In this class we use the stability ball to challenge your core strength and balance. As for YOGA classes, our HATHA YOGA class teaches those ladies new to the trend all the basic asanas. The Vinyasa Flow class allows you to take your practice to a higher level as you connect your movements together. Our most advanced class is our POWER YOGA, which is more challenging as it moves slightly faster from one pose to the next. With that being said, we make sure that you will always be able to follow the class by providing you with all the needed modifications to make your workout more enjoyable and safe!
Our combination class variety takes any or all of the mentioned types of classes and fuses them together to give you a full & fun workout.  A favorite that we recommend to all new comers is the 20/20 class. As the name would suggest, 20 min of cardio, 20 min of upper body toning and finally 20 min of abs & lower body strengthening. Our STEP & TONE is a great mix of a lower body cardio workout & upper body toning all in 60 minutes. The HI-PI is a class that fuses the world of TABATA & PILATES together. Another fusion is the 32 REPS, which uses the interval training method , ie HIIT training, to keep your body burning those calories hours after you’ve finished your workout!
Spinning classes. Here in the Body Works world we call it a ride. So all our spinning class are called ride-on. We offer endurance ride-on classes for 40 minutes. This type of ride is all about pushing through at a specified resistance to reach your destination. Interval ride classes take you on a journey of uphills & downhills. This class is a real challenge and once you’re finished you feel that amazing sense of accomplishment. Our ride & tones are half on the bike and half toning usually upper or core.
We have two types of Suspension classes FIT PILATES & TRX. The FIT PILATES is done using the hammocks, it’s an antigravity workout. This workout is amazing for the upper body and core strength and does wonders for your flexibility. Amani Hafez was certified through CIRCUSFIT in the UK for it. TRX classes are also a great tool for upper body & core strength. They allow for great mobility & range of motion in the joints. These two types of classes are taught in a smaller group setting due to the attention needed to be given to every client for safety and effectiveness.

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