Welcome to the build+  transformation challenge!

What is Build+?

A -5 week- transformation program that focuses on building a leaner and a stronger body that moves pain-free through multi-joint lifts performed with good form under the watchful eyes of our coaches.

With BUILD+ you get to challenge your body and push your limits 5 Days a week with a professionally designed training program along with a strict nutrition and supplementation plan.

What's different about this season is that we now offer for our build+ athletes one-on-one Joint Assessment. 

"Conducting an individualized joint examination minimizes the risk of injury.
A specific ONE to ONE  and Head-to-toe joint examination will be performed at the start of  BUILD + and One at the End. A Side to side Comparison will be monitored. 

Assessment can be called the “base or foundation” of the coaching process. 
With a proper and correct assessment, we can ensure less injuries and longevity in fitness and in LIFE.

To ensure this, we have created an assessment  for any individual interested so that he/she can use to guide them throughout the first stage of the successful building process.

Generally, the human body is bilaterally symmetrical. When we are examining an athlete, we are making note of any unusual asymmetry. If an athlete is weaker on one side than another, or has a limited range of motion, or one side seems limper or otherwise different from the other side, there should be a specific work related to help regain function and symmetry in the body."



All levels, or those getting back into strength training after a long hiatus.

Let's talk beginners;

 it is logical and ideal to start correctly by less dynamic movements and more slow and controlled strength exercises that target main and small muscle groups that you will never be able to hit outside this program.


We all need a good build phase in our training programs that won’t happen unless it's scientifically programmed and away from all the extreme high intensity workouts that leave you dead for days!

For everyone?;

If your goal is to look physically good and shredded, then this is your chance!

The Good thing is that it's probably the most comprehensive program on strength and hypertrophy you will ever see.

BUILD+ is suitable for all fitness levels. With the guidance of our coaches all exercises performed can easily be adjusted according to each individual’s goal and fitness level.


Day 1, November 6th - Orientation & One-on-One Assessment.

Day 2, November 7th - One-on-One Assessment.

November 8th - First Day of Training.


* EL Nakheel Compund (El Shorouk)

Saturday to Wednesday at 7pm.

* Katameya Residence (New Cairo)

Saturday to Wednesday at 7 pm.

* Heliopolis Club 

Saturday to Wednesday at 7pm.

* Online Version



Session duration: 60-75 minutes.


  - 25 Build+ sessions

  - 2 movement clinic and assessment sessions (at the beginning)

  - Inbody analysis 

  - A customized nutrition program to ensure proper results 

  - Whatsapp group for community support & 24/7 access to your coaches

  - Free access to all of our yoga classes

  - ASN support on supplements 

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What if i can’t attend 5 days a week?

There will be a separate Whatsapp group dedicated to the members of the program for each venue, workouts performed will be posted on the group for you to do them on your own, You also get access to use our gym on your own throughout the program to perform the sessions you missed or do additional workouts for those who wish to go the extra mile.

How is it different from Fitness and Perform Sessions?
Fitness and performance are an ongoing subscription that concentrate on the 10 elements of CrossFit training, while BUILD+ mainly and excessively focuses on building strength and a body that looks good and moves more. And it includes a customized nutrition and supplementation program with in body measurements to help track progress.


How is it suitable for all levels? What if some exercises seem easy to me? Or some hard to do?

Here comes the Coaches contribution. Our coaches are qualified enough to scale down any movement to your ability, injuries or how you feel on that day! Same goes to making it more challenging for each individual. We are looking forward to making it a spirit lifting instead of crushing your soul with every exercise you can’t do.

What if I need to ask questions along the way in order to optimize my results?
You can always ask the coach responsible for the program in your venue, however there will be a Whatsapp group dedicated for the group so we get all questions answered on spot! And constantly incorporating feedback into the program.


This season of BUILD+ is sponsored by OPTIFAST & ROYAL HERBS!

So expect expect lots of healthy goodies, giveaways and prizes!

Here's to being a better, leaner and a stronger human!

(limited spots)

Early Bird 
Without assessment 

2500 Egp

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Early Bird
With Assessment & additional work

3100 egp

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Now you can pay up to 12 months with 0% interest!

With Value, QNB, CIB, Arab Bank.